The Art of Addition

The Art of Addition
Addition is one of the first operations of arithmetic that we have learned since elementary school and probably one of the most important. One of the reasons why addition is important is that it helps us gather and accumulate things we enjoy. For example, you like money and you would like to know how much you have right? Well then, you’re in the right place! Let’s say you have a dollar in your pocket and you just received a paycheck of one thousand dollars. By ADDING the amount of money you had in your pocket and the amount of money in your paycheck you get a total of one thousand and one dollars. This example shows how addition is not only extremely useful in the real world but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Now before showing you how this wonderful, beautiful operation works, let’s get to know about addition’s history and visuals in today’s society. The art of adding started six thousand years ago when the Chinese came up with the idea of taking two numbers and combining them to make a larger number. After many thinkers pitched in to help cement this idea, addition was born. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century,however, that the actual plus sign “+” we all know today was used in equations. Fast-forward to modern times and now you can practically see plus signs everywhere. You generally see them on hospitals,ambulances,churches,and in math and science. What do all these things have common? They all symbolize good, positive things. For example, if you see a plus sign at one end of a magnet, then you can safely assume that side of the magnet is “positively” charged. From the ancient past up to modern times, we’ve learned that the “+” sign is naturally associated with tranquility and positivity. This is another reason why addition is so awesome and epic.
As for performing the art of addition, you must first acquire a magical, mythical creature called “The Calculator”. Once you’ve completed this task, you must find two or more numbers you want to add. Suppose these numbers are nine and ten. After that, you want to find and press the squares on The Calculator that say “9”, “+”, and “10”. Finally, press the “=” button and your answer should be 19.


Performing such a deed of epic proportions could cause the world to explode. Adult supervision is advised.

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One thought on “The Art of Addition

  1. That was very interesting to read. I kinda always wondered what the world was like to the people before all these understandings of things. How did people know where their thoughts are coming from, if they did not know the brain existed. Who was the first to talk a language or say the first word. And more mathematical things like addition. Humans always knew that a handful of meat is more only 1 slice. They knew that a pile of rocks as tall as them is more rocks than a pile that only goes up to their waist. It should seem so obvious to us that thing a plus thing b equals more things. Yet it took scientists centuries to figure it out, and only 300 ago did we start using this operation with a symbol and name. Also here is a weird observation. How come when we are asked to think of the easiest mathematical operation we almost always say “2+2”. “You are so dumb, you don’t know what 2+2 is!” “This is easier than 2+2”. Why not 1+1. It’s smaller numbers, that come before 2, so they should be easier to calculate. Somehow 2+2 is easier, or the most generic math problem. I don’t know, just a thought.


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